Fein 63903243210, 3/32" Kerf Slm Mount Dia-Mond Saw Blade

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3/32" Kerf SLM Mount Dia-Mond Saw Blade Features: For the removal of marble, epoxy resin and pozzolan grouts

3/32 in

Also suitable for very hard epoxy or cement grouts

Fits AFSC 18 QCSL, AFSC 18 QSL, FSC 500 QSL, FEIN cordless MultiTalent QuickStart, FEIN MultiMaster Cordless, FEIN MultiMaster Top, FEIN MultiMaster Start Q, FEIN MultiMaster QuickStart, FEIN MultiTalent Start Q, FEIN Professional-Set Wood, AFSC 18 QSL - Wood, FEIN Professional-Set Caulking

Kerf approx

Outstanding tool life

Segmented, ideal for working in corners and on edges without over cut

The right choice for frequent use and demanding tasks