Illumidog Reflective Dog Collar / X-Light Micro Combo Set, Large (18-26 Inches), Red

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Keep your dog visible at night with our combo set combining Illumidog's super-bright reflective dog collar with Photon's X-Light Micro LED safety light

Compared to other reflective material, SOLAS is in a class of it's own

Illumidog Sizing Medium 14-20 inches Large 18-26 inches

SOLAS Prismatic has a much wider reflective range which means it remains highly visible from other angles as well, resulting in increased safety for you and your dog.The keychain-sized X-Light Micro LED flashlight offers even more visibility with its powerful white light

SOLAS Prismatic is many times brighter than other standard reflective tapes, and is the brightest of all prismatic tapes

Standard reflective tape needs to be either directly in front of oncoming headlights, or within about 20 degrees, to be seen

The Illumidog collar is constructed of heavy-duty nylon webbing with a contrasting ribbon detail around the extremely bright SOLAS Prismatic reflective material the same material used by the US Coast Guard for reflective safety vests

The X-Light Micro features intuitive squeeze button operation, allowing you to select from simple on/off with adjustable brightness or flashing safety modes

The bright, long-lasting light and rugged, translucent body of the X-Light Micro makes it an ideal safety accessory for your dog's collar

We've paired Illumidog's incredibly bright reflective dog collars with the brilliant Photon X-Light Micro for an unbeatable pet safety combination.Illumidog's reflective dog collars are carefully handmade with an extreme attention to detail