Mathieu Rivrin 'the Song Of Water' Floating Wall Art

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Contemporary style

22 in

Floating brushed aluminum art piece

Framing material attached to the back cleanly raises the piece off the wall to give it a floating effect


He also plans to start creating more architectural images in the future

Made In USA

Mathieu Rivrin has built a collection of landscape photographs, taken in HDR, providing a greater dynamic range of luminosity than most photographs provide

Provides beautiful, modern and sleek design without bulkiness of frame and is must for any space

Ready to hang

Rocks in sand on beach theme

Subject Landscapes

The image is printed atop a one-eighth inch thick brushed aluminum composite panel for added texture and luminosity

Thickness 1 in.

This technique allows the brushed aluminum texture to show through, providing a brilliant effect and satin finish that is unprecedented

W x 16 in