Ace Glass 5872-19, Chromatography Column W/ Plug & Joint

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Ace Glass, 5872-19, 38mm ID 12", 35/20 SJ, Flash Chromatography Column, Flash Chromatography Column w/ Plug and 24/40 Joint Features: Simple absorption chromatography column for rapid preparative separations as described by W.C

Allows separations of samples from 0.01 to 10.0g3 in 10-15 minutes

Column and reservoir, only, are epoxy coated for safety

Columns available with or without Porosity B 70 ndash 100 micron sealed-in, fritted disc

Flow control adapter, 0-3mm PTFE replacement plug is 8192-261

Joint clamps also available

Joints on column, reservoir and adapter are 35/20, 50/30 or 75/50

Kahn and A

Mitra of Columbia University Department of Chemistry

Order each item separately.

Reservoir connects between column and flow control adapter

Still, M

Stopcock on column is 2mm bore PTFE on 10mm I.D

Thru 50mm I.D. 4mm bore on 64mm and 75mm I.D