Jive Mid-Back Office Chair In Black

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Modern style

20.5 in

29 in

37.5 in

Armrest from seat 9 in

Armrest 1 in

Back tilt lever

Backrest 18.5 in

Base 20.5 in

Chrome-plated aluminum frame

Cushion thickness 2 in.


D x 17.5 in

D x 34.5 in

Functionally, it is a pleasure to sit in as the durable ribbed vinyl back provides natural posture support






Height adjustable

Jive is the result of chair makers who decided to design a chair that just works

Made from PU, nylon and steel

Overall 22 in

Padded seat cushion and arms

Padded vinyl seat

Seat 20 in

Steer the course and sail to an island called style

This is a chair made for the modern office, and a welcome embodiment of the spirit of progress and determination.

Vinyl cushion rolls along back

W x 18.5 in

W x 22 in

W x 25.5 in

W x 26 in