Natural Plant Extract Hair Care Essence 30Ml

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Accelerate hair cells metabolism Desription Item Type Herbal Hair Growth Essence Ingredients Ginger king, Ginseng Polygonum multiflorum, Black sesame, Vitamin E and other natural ingredients Product Specifications 30ml / bottle Shelf Life 3 years Usage Step 1

Add 3ml hair growth liquid into 100ml shampoo, mix them even

Any adverse reactions, stop using

Avoid contact with the wound

Improve dry frizz and other issues 4

Keep away from children

Package Included 1 X Herbal Hair Growth Essence Notes 1

Reduce hair bifurcation 2

Repair hair follicles, stable solid hair roots 3

Step 2

Stored Under normal temperature

This product is not suitable for pregnant women.

Use this shampoo which contain hair growth liquid as normal shampoo