Sper Scientific 810033, Water Resistant 60 Memory Digital Stopwatch

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Two 1/100th second displays

30 second shuttle timer for use during timeouts

Countdown cycles repeat upon completion

Counts up or down to 10 hours

Ideal for multiple and simultaneous processes

In stopwatch mode current lap time shown in upper display, cumulative total in lower one

In timer mode upper display shows original setting while lower one counts down

It shows fastest, slowest, and average lap times, alarm clock function

Lap counter shows number of laps up to 99 in stopwatch mode and number of cycles repeated in timer mode

Memory stores last 60 lap times so there is no need to look away from a test to make notes

Pacesetter function can be set to beep continually from 10 beeps per minute to 320 beeps per minute

Shock resistant, superb hand grip

Water resistant.